Sample KUKA File

RobotWorks writes data for KUKA robots in two ways:
One SRC file containing all the data for tool, path and motion
- or -
One SRC file and one DAT file with the same name.


RobotWorks enables Events for KUKA files, so you can add commands in text form after any path point.

The SRC file is written into a default KRC compatible header. Your controller may be different than RobotWorks default. Contact support in case of difficulty.

Following is an example of a KUKA file:
Click here for a simple dispensing file (SRC file)

Click here for a simple dispensing file (DAT file)

These files demonstrate LIN combined with circular interpolation moves CIRC.

Click here to see how to load jobs into the KUKA controller

Click here for a movie showing this path    

 Note: The above robot files are in text form and have a ".txt" extension in the filename.

To download the files to your robot, right-click the link and choose "save as".

Then delete the ".txt" extension from the filename.


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