How to run RobotWorks jobs on the CS8 emulator under Staubli Robot Studio?


RobotWorks 4 (from pass 80 on) writes files for the Staubli CS8 controller / emulator version 5.x. These files can be used to run jobs on a controller and / or on Staubli Robot Studio version 3.x.

In order to run the job, the files created by RobotWorks need to be moved to a certain folder under the Staubli folder structure, and additional files should be used as well.

In order to run you RobotWorks job, follow these steps:


1. Locate the folder usrapp, usually under Program Files\Staubli\CS8\s5.3\usr (it may also be under C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Staubli\CS8\Default\usr).

2. Using a text editor, open the file RBW400.ini in the RobotWorks installation folder.
On line 9, write the complete path to the above folder, for example: C:\Program Files\Staubli\CS8\s5.3\usr\usrapp

3. When you save a Staubli CS8 file in RobotWorks, three files are created in a folder by that name under this path.

4. Since RobotWorks only creates path points, you need a way to run these points. You can simulate the path on the CS8 emulator and / or the 3D studio which shows the motion graphically. For doing that, additional files are needed, shown as follows:


5. Download this ZIP file and extract it into the path above (the ZIP file contains all files needed, including their folders - all will be placed automatically into their respective folder when un-zipping).

6. To run any RobotWorks job, you only run the player. This will enable you to load and run any path created by RobotWorks.


- Select and run the player application:

- Click the F2 button to enter the job you saved in RobotWorks.
- Click the F1 button to run the job. The path will start running.

You may also see the robot moving in Staubli 3Dstudio. The player runs only once per path, but you can run the player again anytime (it will remember the last path run).


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