Sample STAUBLI File

RobotWorks writes data for all STAUBLI robots.

Following are examples of robot files, compatible with both the CS7 and CS8 controllers:





Click here for a simple dispensing file

RobotWorks writes LC file with locations compatible with V+ and can be loaded directly to the controller.
No tool data is saved, the user has to verify that the tool declaration is identical to the numbers RobotWorks calculates
e.g. set tool1=trans(x,y,z,y,p,l) when xyzypl are copied from RobotWorks screen.


Click here for a complex welding file (V3P file)

Click here for a complex welding file (DAT file)

RobotWorks writes files for the CS8 controller in format version 3.1 (text) which can be read into later versions.
RobotWorks creates a folder with the path name, under which it saves two files:
V3P with some declarations and DAT with all the data.
RobotWorks expects to find folder called "usrapp" under the "output" folder. If this folder is found RobotWorks saves the two files in their own folders under usrapp, to be compatible with the CS8 file system.

RobotWorks does not write circular interpolation information to the file and does not produce different motion codes for "fast" (in-air) motion or "slow" (in process).

Click here to see how to run RobotWorks jobs on the CS8 controller

Click here for a movie showing this path

 Note: The above robot files are in text form and have a ".txt" extension in the filename.

To download the files to your robot, right-click the link and choose "save as".

Then delete the ".txt" extension from the filename.


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